About us

A Norwegian independent asset manager with award winning funds and a strong track record.

Fondsfinans Kapitalforvaltning started in the year 2000 and is 100% owned by Erik Must AS

  • Active. Our investment style is genuinly active.
  • Solid. Solid ownership, employees and performance.
  • Independant. Our only goal is to deliver strong risk adjusted retun.

Fondsfinans formula – how do we evaluate companies?

  1. We monitor the development of the world economy closely and outline our outlook in our monthly reports.
  2. We consider long term trends to be important, for example an ageing population in the western world.
  3. We prefer industries with extraordinary possibilities for return and exclude industries that are not socially beneficial, like tobacco.
  4. We aim to maintain a flexible portfolio, and ensure that investments are undertaken in companies with sufficient liquidity.
  5. We avoid companies associated with high risk, particularly those with binary outcomes within technology or regulation.
  6. We need to be familiar with the companies we invest in. This involves meeting the management, understanding the business, value chain and key drivers.
  7. We are a value oriented fund manager and always evaluate the price carefully


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