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Ethical guidelines

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

We believe that companies that take their social responsibility seriously will have an important competitive advantage and be tomorrow’s winners. As part of the investment process, we therefore always consider the company’s societal impact and relationship to ESG (Environmental, Social and corporate Governance).

Before an investment decision is made, the portfolio-manager is required to check whether the activity of the company in question may be in violation of our guidelines. If a company in which the funds have invested violates our guidelines, the holding will be disposed of in a manner that best safeguards the interests of the unit holders.

Our guidelines – which companies do we exclude?

  • We try our best to avoid investing in companies that contribute to serious or systematic violations of labour and human rights (including child labour or other forms of exploitation of children), serious environmental damage, serious corruption, or other serious violations of basic ethical norms.
  • We exclude investments in companies that produce weapons that in normal use violate basic humanitarian principles. This applies in practice to companies that produce key components for nuclear weapons, cluster munitions and anti-personnel landmines. In addition, we exclude companies that produce pornographic material, companies that have gambling as their core business or companies that are producers of liquor or tobacco.
  • We are cautious of investing in companies that have a significant part of their values ​​related to the production and sale of wine and beer.
  • For foreign investments, we follow the minimum requirements from the Council of Ethics for Government Pension Fund – Global (NBIM).

We want the companies we invest in to have an attentive shareholder policy, treat shareholders equally, be open and show social responsibility. Fondsfinans Kapitalforvaltning will, among other things, through participation in general meetings and by using our voting rights, seek to contribute to compliance with good principles for corporate governance.

Fondsfinans Kapitalforvaltning has signed UNPRI. This implies that we strive to be aligned with their “principles for responsible investments” in our work and continuously report our progression.